1980 Mercedes “Unimog Overland”

Vegard and Ida visited our workshop and stayed with us for a whole week after their Unimog had some mechanical issues and they couldn’t reach eastern borders to “escape” from Europe and CoVID-19 crisis.

We have gained contact thru one of Polish overlanding groups called RTO when they got “stuck” after the borders lockdown. We have created a wonderful relation during this whole week and also Vegard could finish some details on his truck as well as modify it a littlebit which by the way he built himself! Unfortunatelly, this wonderful Norwegian couple didn’t have luck in their journey and headed back home, but we believe our friendship will remain forever!

There is a saying “all journeys have secret destinations of which the traveller is unaware” and somehow we believe that it was not an accident that we all met in Adventure Van. We wish them safe return journey and a wonderful adventures to come after the global crisis ends!