Rowerowe Laboratorium – 2wd Volkswagen Crafter L4H3

The time has come to present one of its kind and unique project which came to reality by collaboration between Adventure Van and the Bicycle Laboratory.

A unique van for an unique person. Professionalism is not a coincidence or any of luck, we have entrusted our bikes to serviceby bike lab in Crafter and we are extremely impressed with the quality of the service provided for us. We also put ours on the highest (as always ) level.

Once again, we prove that a van that is supposed to be used for work does not have to lose the ability to serve as a “camper” during long bicycle trips. Its main purpose is of course being a mobile workshop but due to the incredible bicycle passion of its owner in a few seconds the “whale” turns into a cozy house on wheels.

We have already issued the car in March as the first phase of the built, we did what the owner himself could not because of the overall limits of the van. The organization of the workshop took place at the owners place. For us, great satisfaction is the final effect of the project, the cooperation of the client / us and the most important is the total uniqueness of the project!


  • -electric system
  • – 360 Watt solar panel
  • -Webasto Airtop 3500
  • -Our own LED lighting created for this project
  • – control panel with buttons, battery meter, etc.)
  • – AGM 230 AH battery with isolator
  • – ABEM multiplus device with MPPT regulator. Inverter of appropriate power and parking charging function