May the force be with you! If the Empire sent its stormtroopers on holiday, they would do it in Adventure Vans :P. Renault Master, which we have prepared for our “regular customer”, Mr. Mariusz is unique and luminous inside like a galaxy . As you can see, it is not a 4×4, but the idea for the colors and style of the interior made us willingly and without blinking an eye to implement this project.

Mr. Mariusz is a kayaker / fisherman and the most important thing for him is the easy transport of large fishing kayaks, but also a very spacious and water and dirt resistant interior. Technologically, as always, we have a full Victron Energy power supply system, a webasto hot water boiler and heater, and an AbeM Camper Service compressor refrigerator.

The standard solutions include a Dometic microwave oven and a coffee machine. External and internal shower – one curtain for both. In the living space, it takes 3 minutes to start the shower, there is a built-in stainless steel shower tray with a drain in the floor. We love this solution! it does not take up valuable space, thanks to which the van is very spacious with a lot of cabinets. At the request of the owner, a separation wall was left, two people travel in the Stormtrooper, Mr. Mariusz previously used a Mechanical Orange which also had a bulkhead wall and he just like the comfort of driving with this solution offers.

The Star Wars accents did not come into the van by accident. It all started with a certain conversation and the phrase “May the force be with you” and it triggered our imagination 🙂

The next vehicles are Renault Masters 4x4s, which from July will be available for rent in Warsaw through the website which we power together with the!