Escapader – Premiere Van Conversion 4×4 Sprinter

Escapader, a vehicle ideal for escaping into nature. The vehicle has undergone a massive reconstruction from a to z which made it a real restomod.
Built on Sprinter T1N 316cdi 4×4 with automatic gearbox, added transfer case with reduction gear and diff lock.

Indestructible and even timeless interior made of aluminum, bamboo, light plywood, vinyl and linen.
Vehicle in year-round insulation specification and especially well prepared for very extreme temperatures thanks to our proprietary insulation which is almost a revolution in the fight against heated or frozen sheet metal (we have been using it successfully for 2 years).

A self-contained, truly off-grid and off-road vehicle that will take its owners anywhere in the world in a comfort that has never been seen in these cars.
PFE carried out a comprehensive overhaul of the drive, restoration and maintenance of the underbody using Waxoyl products, together we designed the accessories that landed on the vehicle. Euro-Express installed our Heavy Duty suspension and made the final mechanical preparation.

The list of modifications is so large that it is impossible to list them all, that’s why we are making a film that will accurately illustrate all the works undertaken. The most interesting solution is, of course, ultra-durable and very light aluminum coloured in star grey metallic matte finish and bamboo furniture,
thanks to this technology, we were able to create a vehicle whose interior can be safely called “eternal”. It will not break down as in the case of light plywood or other popular materials available on the market.

As you know, with time scratches and signs of wear appear even on the most resistant parts of any vans. We thought about it and that is why each element, separately or the entire structure, can be disassembled and refreshed in almost every paint shop in the world. Inside, we have everything the owners expected,
that is, a large bathroom, a living room, huge as for a Sprinter T1N, a kitchen with a Solgaz induction hob and a well-above-standard sink, as well as a large bed with a latex mattress. LifePo4 Liontron battery in Arctic version combined with a complete Victron Energy power system. Webasto compressor refrigerator with freezer, Eberspacher heater, webasto boiler connected to the engine cooling system, 230v heater and the possibility of heating at a standstill with “wet webasto”. 230, 12v, usb sockets in every important place of the vehicle, external shower, a set of dishes in the foam drawer sockets ensuring maximum noise reduction.

The Sprinter is also known for the poor quality of road lighting. In place of the old lamps, new Bixenon lamps with the automatic leveling function and sprinklers have landed. For all this, we have installed a set of Strands lighting that literally “burns the leaves” and of course has European approval BFG AT KO2 31 / 10.5 / R15 tires ensure adequate traction in the field. The autool device will take care of safety and additional information, which will allow you to be cautious in the field, it is an external on-board computer with a tilt meter, GPS altimeter and a lot of additional functions.

We hope you like this vehicle and we recommend that you follow our Youtube account where we will publish a video of the Escapader this weekend. Now it’s time for Stormtrooper – white and black in a sophisticated and unusual design.