Patrol Terenwizji

A unique project and a unique Patrol which we have prepared for Patryk Piątek from the YT Terenwizja channel. Normally we do not work with this type of cars, but how could we deny ourselves the joy of being able to drive a 270 horsepower monster? Our task was to acoustically soundproof this vehicle in which the noise was comparable to a propeller plane.

It was completely dismantled, including the dash board. Meticulously glued with STP Aero mats and aerocell from we created several bundles with USB chargers and lighting. Kuba PFE created aluminum side panels (also acoustically insulated) and the luggage compartment also made of Aluminum. This interior is based on the requirements of Patryk and his style of use of this Patrol. We would like to inform you that this Patrol is a unique vehicle that is not a van and has been retrofitted by us. The visible bodywork and side panels will be available in our store for self-assembly at the turn of April / May 2021. This project (in the sense of this type of vehicle) is a kind of “thank you” to the guys who selflessly decided to show us the Polish off-road scene. Patrick we wish you some good offroads!