Bus Around The World – Mitsubishi Delica 4×4

This vehicle does not need to be introduced to motorised travel fans. As well as no need to explain how much we enjoy travelers’ visits. Karol and Ola inspire with their travels, thanks to them we can see and sometimes almost feel how beautiful the world around us is and how amazing traveling with Van is. We are happy that our company is not only cold production and sale of finished goods, but a place where we also create friendships and long distance relationships. We hope that the first stage of modification of Delica will allow travelers to even greater independence and freedom of travel.
And what did we do in it?

  • – We’ve installed a Solar Panel with mppt Victron Energy controller.
  • – We’ve fitted the existing battery management system in the car with an intelligent Cyrix microchip system, also Victron Energy.
  • – We’ve transformed the roof box into which we have installed a solar panel so that you can direct the solar to the sun, we also took care of protecting everything from the wind.
  • – We’ve repaired the broken turn signal handle and overdrive button.
  • – Based on the original turntable from another vehicle, we have safely adapted the entire system for passenger seats.
  • – We’ve pre-located hi-lift.
  • -We’ve installed Waeco compressor fridge.

There is another modification round ahead of us where we will equip vehicle with off-road accessories.

For now, we wish the crew a wide journey. And we are waiting for their perspective photos!