The Tank – 4×4 T1N Sprinter Upgrade

When Nina brought her Sprinter to our shop just for some minor repairs and improvements it turned out that as always there is a lot more to do. This unique concept of a 4×4 doka Sprinter with implicated Navara Camper Box started some new era at our shop. She calls him “tank” and somehow it feels like driving one Nevertheless lets write what we did on it:

  1. Mechanics in collaboration with EuroExpress:
  • – Very big mechanical service of 4×4 system elements,
  • – new CV Joints,
  • – low Range box installation,
  • – AC Repair,
  • – general maintenance service.

2. Bodywork:

  • – sandblasting of the main frame, double epoxy priming and Raptor Liner Painting,
  • – replacing all lower bodywork elements of the cabin with double epoxy priming and Raptor Lining “to the middle” of the Van.


  • – Snorkel Intall,
  • – Led Light Installation with a small bumper,
  • – side mirror repair,
  • – extra water tank for exterior use,
  • – extra step for the ladder of the Cabin (not on the photo),
  • – reverse camera placement,
  • – Electronic Upgrades in the Van cabin, 4 usb plugs and extra 12v sockets to clean up the dashboard.

4.Camper Box:

  • – special table (not on the photos we will post it later),
  • – repair of “driving time” battery driving system,
  • – protective painting of the original wooden panels under the box,
  • – gas struts for the wooden doors,
  • – general maintenance.

Probably we forgot to list some more jobs but most important is that as always a lot of LOVE went into all of the work around this van! Last two photos show the van before and a little taste of how the bodywork looked like.