Rojber – Mk8 AWD Transit

Rojber in Polish means Rogue and some great adventures are waiting ahead of him . The Adventure Van by name and design, multifunctional, has an outdoor shower, hot water, Victron Energy power plants and 460 Watt solar energy, a spacious refrigerator with a freezer and much more.

The project is quite unusual because it is a combination of a daily car with a camper … in fact, it is a more fancy multivan. A family of four can travel in it in good comfort and after inserting the middle row of seats, due to strong friendships, seven people will ride it without loss of comfort. The colors of this vehicle are joy in every detail, some interesting solutions, a lot of aluminum and bamboo which brings lightness, durability and elegance. It was a regular panel van and now it is awild explorer.

What can we say? Just take a look at it, especially now in the evening so you can feel as it would be just in front of you.