The Watcher – Ultimate 4×4 Sprinter NCV3

The Watcher project which is our first model and demonstration vehicle. Another collaboration with Noriaki who left his art on the body, and we moved it to armchairs and mattresses. The amount of flavors and details in this vehicle has gone to a different level. Pistachio and gray threads of woven vinyl on the floor were used to trim Italian leather and Alcantara. Furniture made of ecological bamboo reinforced with aluminum construction.

Countertops made of Dupont material polished hand pressed with a bamboo pad. Top class guides and furniture hinges. Hot water on the Webasto system and the water system used in yacht technology. A complete Victron Energy power supply system with a 230 amp battery bank and 330 watt solar panels resting on an aluminum roof rack with a terrace. Induction chargers with automatic holders, air compressor, usb 12v 230 ports in all necessary places and many more Offroad accessories available from August / September on sale, including Baja Lp9 and Lp6. Led lighting, the watcher has 800 Watt responsible for creating the day in the middle of the night.

Suspension? At the front, our coilover system at the rear of Fox Shocks with special spring reinforcements. Music? 9 JBL Stage speakers including a Nano subwoofer, everything controlled from the Pioneer ILX Android station In this Aluminum Project there is everywhere, the beds control panels and every detail that could be plastic or ordinary steel was created from aluminum. A shower cabin made of thin acid-resistant steel. Thermal insulation will allow travel up to -50 C, equipped with 140 liter water tanks inside and outside.