Renegade – 4×4 NCV3 Sprinter

We present to you something that has not yet existed in our European market.
Is it possible to create a universal vehicle that will be a good offroader, a high-class home on wheels, and by the way will be able to be used even for daily driving? A vehicle that is different than all and like a real Renegade will break out of the world of motorhomes with uniqueness and the possibility of acquiring places that are inaccessible to the classic vans.

What is real individuality? Is it a duplicated schemes in other colors or maybe something more? For us, individuality is first of all the dreams of adventure vans users, secondly strong materials that will not fall apart like a piece of paper after a year of driving in off-road conditions thirdly a very unusual selection of materials and solutions that include, among others:

  • -strong winter isolation, clean water tanks inside the van, waste water alu tank heated by exhaust system,
  • – carefully selected bamboo furniture of various thicknesses to prevent super weight of the Van,
  • – bathroom made of 1mm acid proof stainless steel,
  • – covered with natural hemp material,
  • – at the owner’s request we left the original front row of seats with the possibility of rotating all of them,
  • – full power system from Victron with Bluetooth interface,
  • – Solar Sharp 360 watt + AGM batteries
  • – water-cooled Webasto boiler connected to the engine cooling system and additionally to the winter conditions, the system can be supplied with the Webasto Thermo Top C furnace,
  • – heating the Webasto Airtop 3500 booth,
  • – external shower,
  • – gas cooker,
  • – ABEM fridge with power consumption so funny that it can work several months without interruption,
  • -JBL sound system,
  • -CB radio President,
  • -Leather Seats,
  • – latex bed matress (,
  • – extra bed for children in the driver’s cabin,
  • – thermo-insulated covers + mosquito nets (removed for photos),
  • – MaxxAir roof fan,
  • – front bumper wheel holder and armored bike / box holder,
  • – LED lighting,
  • – reverse camera,
  • – Snake rescue traps,
  • – custom Adventure Van rims,
  • – BFGoodrich AT KO2 tires,
  • – Fiamma F65 Awning.

We could write the list forever! Just see for yourself the final effect. In reality it looks just majestic!