Chogori – Andrzej Bargiel’s 4×4 Sprinter

Many of you were waiting for this project! Sprinter 4×4 3.0v6 which we realized for Andrzej Bargiel. Although in form it is very classic, in detail and technology it is another step forward in AVC. Before we write about the car itself, we would like to inform you that Adventure Van Conversions has officially become a partner supporting Andrzej’s development and travels, and Andrzej himself is the first of the three Ambassadors of our brand who will use our vehicles to the limit of their endurance and create new solutions with us, thus helping the meticulous development of our products.

This Van is ready for harsh winters as well as hot sands of the Sahara! The first vehicle that we implemented with an Aluminum sleeping roof, inside the bedroom there is the right amount of lighting, USB, 12v, 230v sockets and a blast of warm air from Webasto heating.

The complete Victron energy power supply system and the Simarine Pico device provide the highest class electrotechnical comfort as well as easy and precise readings. The energy storage is a Victron Energy Lifepo4 battery, the vehicle is charged while driving, at a standstill via 230 and of course via a 420 watt solar panel. Hot water is generated in the Webasto boiler each time we turn on the engine, but also by means of the 230 network, converter or another Webasto liquid heating furnace.

The cassette internal toilet does not affect the supporting structure of the car, and the mechanically ventilated and heated by parking heating cabin can be used as a drying room for wet clothes, a wardrobe or, of course, a full-fledged bathroom in which you can pour up to 140 liters of clean water because such a tank is in this car!

Aluminum soundless furniture combined with bamboo designed to withstand the stresses of the car body generated in the field, guarantee practically lifetime durability. New interesting colors of matt patinated metallic bronze powder coating are resistant to bruises and easy to repair. Two Moon Boxes and a whole range of sockets, lamps and sockets landed in the bedroom. A comfortable split mattress and a bed with the possibility of opening make it possible to transport a motorcycle or other larger items.

The floor is like the usual top-class vinyl flooring, known from the most expensive yachts in the world, the walls are made of polyester-cotton, dirt-resistant fabric. The ceiling is lined with a cork with a thickness of 1mm. Leather upholstery of vintage armchairs is a work of art, and of course we have a lot of details in color, such as panniers for doors, armchairs or curtain straps … All this guarantees a warm, pleasant and unusual atmosphere for our projects. Despite the classic colors, the entire vehicle is modern and maintains the brand Adventure Van Conversions style

Outside, we have what tigers like the most, i.e. Warn VR12 evo winch, full package of FOX shock absorbers, reinforced suspension, BFG AT Ko2 tires in a size recognized by Oberaigner, Strands Siberia lighting package, custom summer and winter chest (in the photos, summer version without a cover) for skis) vertical bike holder and mini rack for additional luggage. On the day of issue, unfortunately, there is no awning on the car due to lack of stock, but it will appear on it as soon as possible.

This is just a substitute for what is in the car and how many hours we spent on refining the details! We wish Andrzej great trips and new bus contacts 🙂 We are honored that we were able to build a vehicle for an athlete of this caliber, we would like to thank Andrzej for choosing our company and the Mercedes-Benz Sobiesław Zasada automotive group for the support they gave us from the beginning of this project!