Phoenix T1N 4×4 Sprinter

It was a long and hard project, hence we called it Phoenix because it literally grew from the ashes. His agonizing bodywork condition terrified us all, but due to the very interesting history of this T1N, we took up the challenge and brought him back to life. The foundation of this vehicle is not so usual. Storage space has been opened to the maximum due to the huge amount of sports equipment that will be transported in it (enduro motorcycles, parachutes and many more), hence the decision was made to create an elevating roof and use a smaller part of this bus for living.

This van has been equipped with the latest solutions, so:

  • aluminum bulletproof furniture weighing 48 kilos
  • pop top roof tent
  • walnut cuntertop
  • armored hard rubber floor
  • hot water from the webasto system and external shower
  • AirTop webasto camp heater
  • clean water tank holding 100 liters
  • Isotherm Webasto refrigerator
  • good car audio system 5 speakers
  • Victron Energy power system controlled manually or through a smartphone
  • 250 watt photovoltaic panel
  • year-round insulation
  • winch bumper, PFE spare wheel holder
  • snorkel
  • HD Suspension kit containing of coilover suspension and Pedders Australia shocks + leaf springs
  • huge Tibus compressor
  • under-floor “cellars”
  • new engine map
  • real leather upholstery from Zonda Design
  • armored AEZ rims with BFG AT KO2 245/75/16 tires

This vehicle was ultimately built to our sports requirements , it can be equipped with a third seat that is expressly attached to the rail installed in the floor, a winch and TRD Boards. Its purpose is year-round, we tested it at negative temperatures and it absolutely made it. Nevertheless it will be used in warm hemispheres where Pop Top tent will create bonding experience with nature!