Aluminum Roof Tent – Fiat Ducato

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Aluminum roof tent for Fiat Ducato.

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Aluminum roof tent – its construction is lighter than plastic counterparts, does not deform, and additional weight such as a roof rack or a huge solar panel will not cause the pistons to punch holes in the shell.

The rigid connection of the shell and the frame ensures comfort on windy days, and the frame itself further strengthens the vehicle’s structure! The side walls equipped with mosquito nets and large “windows” are made of the highest quality material on the market.

Its huge advantage is a very high degree of opening, which allows unrestricted movements inside. The winter version can be equipped with insulating inserts and air supply from the parking heating system.
  • Standard – is just the tent without finishing, with basic covering + possible installation: Price: 3371 € ex. VAT + 730 € ex. VAT installation.
  • Higher Standard – is a version with standard covering and materials for interior finishing, such as lining and mattress + possible installation: Price: 3726 € ex. VAT + 730 € ex. VAT installation.
  • Premium – is non-standard covering made of high-quality waterproof yet breathable material, with interior lining and mattress + possible installation: Price: 4065 € ex. VAT + 730 € ex. VAT installation.

The installation process takes 7 business days due to glue hardening. To book an installation date, the purchase of a tent is necessary, and installation in our service can take about 30 days.